Hey moms, rejoice, it turns out your kids aren't the worst behaved ones at the grocery store. You could have a 27-year old who things fruits on his butt is funny. According to USA Today on Saturday Manassas Police was called to a Giant Food grocery store. A concerned Loss Prevention employee claimed he saw Michael Dwayne Johnson grab fruit from the shelf, pull his pants down, and rub the produce on his butt then place it back for other shoppers to put in their grocery cart. Manassas City Police Department has charged Michael Dwayne Johnson, 27, with the destruction of property and indecent exposure.

Unfortunately for the Giant grocery store, they had to destroy several pallets of fruit due to the fear of contamination. Imagine being someone who got home with fruit from the Giant grocery store and watching the news as you're biting into your apple? I don't know about you, but I will wash all my produce like a maniac right now. If your fruit smells funny, remember there are fruit butt rubbers out there, WASH THAT FRUIT!

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