I got out the door 10 minutes earlier than I normally do this morning. I was excited to pick up a hot tea with honey for a co-worker who has been battling horrid allergies. The drive to my local Starbucks led to being cut off by 3 different drivers, a car accident before 9:00 a.m.? No thank you. I run in get my iced coffee and a 800 degree hot tea. I try and open the door and my iced coffee spilled all over the floor and my shoes. The words came out of me like vomit, "Oh sh**" I exclaimed as everyone in the busy coffee shop just stared at me.

Ben Pruchnie Getty Images

A sweet lady who was getting ready to enjoy her cup of coffee with her husband didn't hesitate to walk over and held the door and helped me with my cups as I tried to regroup. I walked back to the counter to let the staff know I had made a huge mess. After that I got back into the line determined to get my coffee, I saw the same smiling lady who helped me out ordering some coffee. I remembered, I hadn't thanked her. My momma raised me better! "Mam, thank you so much for helping me out back there. I really do appreciate you." She smiled and responded with "No problem, I just hope your day gets better." As I was walking towards the door for the second time another lady rushed to the door and opened it for me. Clearly she had seen my spill incident, she said "Don't spill that coffee, I'll get the door." I smiled and thanked her. She jumped into her grey Toyota truck and drove off. Why am I writing this? Because no act goes unnoticed. These two women who just decided to jump in and do something so small made my week. It reminded me to be that person. To jump in and help, just because, not expecting anything in return. One of our managers at Townsquare Media Lisa Janes had recently reminded me the importance of not letting one bad thing ruin a perfectly good day. Something that would normally throw my day off and get me in one of those "moods" is now my reminder to be a light, and be that "good" person. To those ladies who helped me out today, thank you again. Today I saw "Most People Are Good" in action.