I think we all have our ego shelf or trophy wall. For some people, it might be conquests made in the field with a hunting rifle or fishing pole. For other people, the trophy collection might include framed certificates or plaques denoting our accomplishments. For the LSU football program, to show off their many post season conquests you'd need a big room with a pretty big shelf.

That's why the Tiger Athletic Foundation is petitioning the LSU Board of supervisors for permission to create a Tiger Bowl Game Victory Plaza at Tiger Stadium. It seems like a no brainer since the space at the south end exterior of Tiger Stadium would be acquired with a $1.6 million lease.

The Board of Supervisors is set to meet September 8th and this story will only be news if it doesn't get approved. The TAF plans to display trophies and memorabilia from their 25 bowl game victories and national championship appearances.

When approved construction would start December first with the official opening planned for August of 2018. Just in time for the beginning of the 2018 school year and football season.

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