LSU fans storm the field at Tiger Stadium.

I was on the sideline for the LSU/Georgia game this past Saturday afternoon and the energy in Tiger Stadium was historic.

Not only did LSU defeat the No. 2 team in the country, but students and fans stormed the field after the game. Thousands of fans jumped the barrier and took to the filed, even after it was announced in the stadium for fans to NOT go on the field.

Security and police were outnumbered and their only concern was to protect players and coaches from fans. Oh, they also did secure the goal posts as fans rushed the field.

I have been going to LSU games for years and I had never seen this in person. To see so many people coming your way is a bit nervewracking, but I used the team's bench as a barrier between me and fans rushing the field.

I did tell a friend of mine that this may cost LSU and according to reports, the university may have to pay up to $100,000 in fines after fans took the field.

The last time LSU fans rushed the field in Tiger Stadium was in 2014 when LSU defeated Ole Miss. The SEC will announce on Monday how much LSU will be fined for fans rushing the field.

Still, what an experience.


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