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David McNew/Getty Images
David McNew/Getty Images

In an effort to help American citizens fight off financial collapse during the coronavirus pandemic, the United States Government has elected to, once again, bolster benefits to the unemployed.

In the first round of these increased benefits, the federal government kicked in an additional $600 per week, which came under fire by lots of opponents who claimed that people were making more not working than they did working, which removed any incentive for the unemployed to actually seek work or return to their previous job.

The domino effect of that was when businesses began to reopen, there were scores of positions they were unable to fill. That's why this round of federally increased benefits will be limited to an additional payment of $300 per week and the federal government added that states would have to pay at least $100 per week in order to unlock the increased benefits.

In an interview with the Louisiana Radio Network, Senator Bill Cassidy says, “Louisiana already pays over 100 dollars to someone who is on the unemployment rolls," so obviously Louisiana residents will qualify for the increased benefits which are slated to begin shipping in a few weeks.

Louisiana's unemployment recipients are eligible for up to $247 per week in benefits.

When it comes to the possibilities of another stimulus check like the $1,200 checks most received earlier this year, Cassidy is pretty skeptical about the chances, stating, “The talks have broken down and I am not really sure there are going to be good faith efforts to restart.”

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