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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 2020 was the deadliest year since 2007 when it comes to traffic accidents. Over 38,000 people lost their lives due to traffic accidents last year alone, which is over a 7% increase from 2019.

In 2019, here in the Bayou State, the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that 681 people were killed on Louisiana roads and with 1.42 deaths reported per million miles driven, our roads are the eighth most dangerous in the entire country. Using that quotient as the determining factor, by comparison, Mississippi roads would be considered the most dangerous with 1.56 deaths reported per million miles driven.

Another startling discovery from the website of, Caddo Parish was tied with St. Tammany Parish as the most dangerous parishes in the entire state.

The sobering fact is that driving can be dangerous. Even if you are constantly alert, hands at ten and two, eyes on the road; things can still happen. And apparently, some roads are just inherently more dangerous than others. Most of that can be attributed to the actual length of the road and just how many travel the road to begin with.

But, when you consider the odds, driving these particular roads can bring a higher percentage of danger to your commute. So, just what are the most dangerous roads in our state? And how many do you drive?

According to the website, if you drive in Northwest Louisiana, you probably drive several of them.

In a research piece from the years 2015-2017, these are the Top 10. Highlighted are those with sections here in our area.

10. US-171 (Highway 171): 26 fatal crashes, 26 deaths

9. I-12: 25 fatal crashes, 26 deaths

8. US-165: 30 fatal crashes, 31 deaths

7. I-49: 29 fatal crashes, 37 deaths

6. US-61: 34 fatal crashes, 38 deaths

5. SR-1 (Highway 1): 45 fatal crashes, 48 deaths

4. US-90: 50 fatal crashes, 52 deaths

3. I-20: 49 fatal crashes, 52 deaths

2. US-190: 48 fatal crashes, 54 deaths

1. I-10: 121 fatal crashes, 136 deaths

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