Monday's reinstitution of the statewide mask mandate by Governor John Bel Edwards was met with relief by some, disgust by a few and resignation by most.

Think what you want about conspiracies, either real or imagined, but one thing is difficult to deny. COVID is back and for the unvaccinated, at least, statistics say it's worse than ever.

But for those who wish to resist, to peacefully non-comply, there are a few "outs" in the Governor's mandate. So, if you're one of those looking to legally avoid joining the state's diaper-faced, here, in the proclamation's exact words, are your (limited) options:

The requirements do not apply to the following:

Any individual who will not come in contact with any other individual (outside of their immediate household members)or who will be able to maintain strict social distancing of six feet apart from any other individual (outside of their immediate household members).

Any child under the age of five not enrolled in a kindergarten program, however all children between two and five are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering when indoors in any place outside a private residence.

Any individual with a medical condition that prevents the wearing of a face covering.

Any individual who is consuming food or drinks.

Any individual who is seeking to communicate with someone who has or is suspected of having a communication disorder.

Any individual giving a speech for broadcast or to an audience.

Any individual temporarily removing his or her face covering for identification purposes.

Any athlete performing in organized athletic activities.

Everybody we go again.

Politicians Who Ignore Their Own COVID Rules and Restrictions

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