SHREVEPORT, LA – We all know about the great food in Louisiana and the world also knows about it. But some of the restaurants you might not have heard about are getting a little love this year. A group called “America’s Best Restaurants” has chosen several Louisiana spots as the best locally-owned independent restaurants.


America's Best Restaurants is based in Kentucky, but they travel the country to shine the spotlight on restaurants that don’t get as much attention as those five star restaurants that draw all the foodies to the table.

In fact, the team from America’s Best Restaurants will be in Shreveport this week to film a segment on the local restaurant that made the list.

The Cub Lounge and Grill will be front and center on Tuesday. The production team is set to be on site from 11am to noon on the 10th to get some great video from this Shreveport legendary restaurant. The Cub is inviting folks to come out and enjoy lunch while this crew is in town.

Only a handful of Louisiana restaurants made the list of America’s Best Restaurants this year and The Cub is the only one in north Louisiana on the list. All the rest of the winners are in south Louisiana. Many of them are probably restaurants you have never heard of before. You're not gonna find the Brennan's, Commander's Palace, Dooky Chase, Galatoire's or Antoine's on this list. But you will still find some great spots to get amazing food.

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