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According to the New York Times, Louisiana is tied for having the fourth-worst COVID-19 vaccination rate in the country.

Being tied for fourth isn't good y'all! This is after the state was offering a 'Shot for a Shot' back in June. Yeah, because booze is the way to motivate us here in Louisiana, right? Or was that just a lame attempt to placate bar and restaurant owners after trying to put them all out of business?

Then Louisiana attempted to boost vaccination rates by introducing the 'Shot at a Million' lottery which scammers have already wreaked havoc on and we haven't even had the first drawing yet.

All I know is we better get serious about this or we're going to end up with President Biden's mobile vaccination teams going door to door like would be roofing contractors after a storm and that's not going to go over well. Can you imagine going door to door with COVID vaccines in Louisiana with the number of people who are so passionate both for and against them? I'd rather hang out on Sprague on a Saturday night.

Oh, wait, I know what we need... a catchy jingle with a beat you can dance to. Yep, that's the ticket. What do you think?

It's probably a better idea than the 'Shot for a Shot' program. At least it doesn't promote alcohol consumption. Just saying...

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