In 1873, French author Jules Verne published one of most enduring works, Around the World in 80 Days. In it, Phileas Fogg and his French valet Passepartout vow to circumnavigate the planet in 80 days in order to win a (roughly) $26,000 bet - about $2-3 million in 2018 dollars.  The heroes triumph, Mr. Fogg's friends at the Reform Club pay up, and we all learn the lesson of true friendship or something.  With much less high-brow British snobbery, more realistic training, and the aid of modern technology - Louisiana teen Mason William Andrews aims to do in half the time.

The 18 year old Monroe native plans to start his aerial expedition from his hometown on July 9th, according to US News and World Report.  If he is successful, the Louisiana Tech University aviation student will be the youngest person to ever fly around the world.  Reportedly, Mason hopes to draw attention to MedCamps - free summer camps specifically designed for children with disabilities throughout the state.  Not only has Mr Andrews been flying since the age of 13, but he also has spent the last 2 years working for the camps and plans to return as a full time counselor after his little trip.

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