Louisiana's school voucher program is on track to become the most expansive nationwide program of its kind. With the potential to give parents control over tax dollars used for education, this program is causing quite a stir. Is it fair to teachers? Is it fair to parents who are paying for the private education of their children?


Governor Jindal's program will allow low and middle income students in public schools across the state whose schools are graded “C,” “D,” or “F” by the state accountability system to receive government funded vouchers to attend private schools. The program has previously been in place in Orleans Parish and to students with special needs in other parishes across the state.

In response to the program Louisiana teachers are pursuing two law suits against the Governor's office. One suit claims "tenure, hiring, firing and teacher pay takes the school board out of equation and changes the role of the superintendent" as reported by KTBS. The second lawsuit claims that the operation of the voucher program is unconstitutional because it places public school monies into the private and religious school sectors.


Louisiana Department of Education’s Help Center: 1-877-453-2721 or Studentscholarships@la.gov

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