Locally owned businesses are the backbone to any local economy but unfortunately they can be really hard to get started. Now the Shreveport area has the Louisiana Startup Prize to help make amazing ideas reality!

This is so much more than just a shark tank style contest where you present your idea and move on. The Louisiana Startup Prize is about sharing ideas, teaching and bettering the area as a whole. The grand prize is $70,000 in cash and services but everyone participating will walk away more educated and connected to make it as a new entrepreneur. Organizers claim that to date 40% of the Startup Prize finalists have received offers for funding!

To qualify for the Startup Prize you must attend one of the events on May 19-21 or June 29-July 1st. For more details on the qualifying event or how you can get started CLICK HERE! To keep up with any new updates on the prize make sure you follow them on Facebook.

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