It's safe to say that most of our friends and family are packing up and heading for the beach. Many of us have opted for staying local and enjoying the hidden beaches that the Bayou state offers, however after the latest findings from Environment America Research and Policy Center it looks like we should all head to Florida where the beaches aren't as filthy as Bourbon street. I wish Louisiana could say the same about their beaches.

Louisiana went 21 for 24 when it came to poop-filled beaches.

This isn't the score we want FYI. All 24 of the 24 beach sites sampled were potentially unsafe for at least 6 days in 2020. Rutherford Beach and Cypremort Point Beach had the worst stats with 12 days of unsafe fecal matter in the water. How do I break this down for you in a nice way? You are not safe on any Louisiana beach.

Marco Garcia, Getty Images
Marco Garcia, Getty Images

A Louisiana poop beach experience awaits you on your next getaway.

I don't know about you but poop water in my mouth is not my idea of a good time. Yeah, you want to beat the Louisiana heat and find relaxation in the beautiful beach breeze, but maybe consider just hanging out in the sand and enjoying a hotel pool instead of the ocean. Unfortunately for Louisiana, we had a whopping 21 public beaches deemed unsafe for swimming.

According to the Environment America Research and Policy Center, we have some concerning high levels of fecal bacteria. This is all measured by the “Beach Action Value” threshold.

Rubbish Litters UK Beaches
Christopher Furlong, Getty Images

Yes, it's true you can get sick if you swim in water with high levels of fecal bacteria.

Besides it being absolutely gross, you can get really sick if you opt for swimming in poop-infested waters. If you think it can't happen to you, just know the U.S sees over 57 million cases of recreational waterborne illness. From gastrointestinal illness to ear and eye infections, and in some cases horrid skin rash.

What is causing this crappy situation in Louisiana beaches?

It's not the cows and livestock to blame although it was listed as a potential reason by the Environment America Research and Policy Center. Our horrid sewage systems have leaks and overflows that contribute to high levels of fecal matter.

It's not just the beaches we need to worry about, some popular Louisiana lakes also have high levels of fecal bacteria.

Lake Pontchartrain always makes an appearance when it comes to poop water. Could it be that the Red River is the nicest place to go for a swim these days? I think so.

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