There is a lot of buzz in the Louisiana Senate after it passed a bill allowing the concealed carry of a firearm without a permit. The bill received zero debate as it was voted on by the Senate. It passed 27-9 after the House changed a few things.

The bill would allow any person in Louisiana 21 years or older to carry a handgun concealed on their person with no permit unless they are currently not allowed to by another law prohibiting them from carrying a weapon at all. Currently, if a Louisiana resident wants to conceal carry a weapon, they must complete a nine hour class on gun safety, have a background check done, pay for the class, and pay for the permit. Once all paperwork has been submitted to the Louisiana State Police, the applicant must wait up to three months to receive their permit card. During that time, the applicant cannot conceal carry their weapon until the card is on their person.

It has been no secret that Governor Edwards is opposed to this bill, and it has a chance of being vetoed the moment it lands on his desk to sign. Edwards has said numerous times that he feels the current process for concealed carry permits is appropriate in the state. The changes added to the bill by the House included a free online education course that would be available for anyone who would want to take it in order to carry their firearm safely.

If Edwards does veto the bill, there is a chance it could still be put into place if Louisiana lawmakers decide to override the decision of the Governor.

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