We've always known that we have a ton of untapped talent in Louisiana and last night, Louisiana's own Hunter Plake made it into the semi finals/top 8 on NBC's The Voice.

Hunter was originally on Team Alicia before he was stolen. He's now competing on Team Gwen. According to Hunter's bio, he was living in Baton Rouge when last year's floods made him relocate to Lafayette, LA to live with his parents. Not only did Hunter lose his home and his car, he also lost his church, which he helps to rebuild during his spare time.

Apparently our cousins Thais and Shanda are friends with Hunter's family. If he continues his journey, I'm going to have to pull some strings and get him on the show! Acadiana is (of course) rallying around all things Hunter!

Some other fun facts about Hunter include that he's never sang outside of church before appearing on The Voice and he's also recently married.

Here's Hunter's full bio from The Voice website:

Hunter was influenced by church and music from a young age by his family. His dad was in the Christian rock band Brother Brother and he's been leading worship since he was 14. "The Voice" is his first time performing outside of church. Recently married, he records demos with his brother in his home studio. He lost his home, church and car after the Baton Rouge floods and is currently living with his parents in Lafayette, helping repair the church in his spare time.

Here's a look at Hunter's journey so far on The Voice.

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