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Two Multi-State Lotteries Each Offer Over $400 Jackpots
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

With tomorrow night's Powerball jackpot valued at $343 million dollars, it becomes a focal point for a lot of us. That's not just life changing money for us, that would change the lives of even our grandchildren. Problem is, to have a shot at winning, we've got to remember to purchase a ticket.

What if, for those of us stricken with the procrastination bug, there was a way to purchase lottery tickets online? We could do it at home, with only a couple hours to spare. Wouldn't that be more 21st century-ish?

Apparently, the Louisiana Lottery is actually looking into that possibility. However, according to Louisiana Lottery CEO Rose Hudson, before that could begin, the legislature would need to change a state statute that prohibits gambling by computer.

Hudson goes on to say, “The time is right. Our statute requires us to operate this business in an entrepreneurial and business-like fashion. So, we think that we could eventually be able to make that case to those policymakers that this is part of meeting that mission.”

According to Louisiana Radio Network in an interview with Hudson, she says eleven other state lotteries allow for the purchase of tickets online and with the launch of the Louisiana Lottery app, it’s a great time to explore adding Louisiana to that list.

“Eventually we could very easily use that app for customers to create an account and be able to purchase the product using that app.”  Hudson goes on to say,  “We are just at the beginning stages of having internal discussions with this and would like to move this to appropriate policymaking levels but we think it is just the next step in growing our business,” said Hudson.

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