I see a lot of stupid drivers doing stupid things out on the roads. When I see that intellectually challenged driver I always think to myself, "that guy should get a ticket". Of course, our state doesn't give law enforcement the authority to ticket people for just being stupid. We'd all be hung up in court if that was the case.

However, our state does have a reputation for law enforcement to be quick to issue a  ticket. That's according to the National Motorist Association. The NMA is an advocacy group whose mission is to protect the rights of drivers across the country.

According to the NMA traffic tickets and citations are less about traffic safety and more about money.  I have some friends in law enforcement that would find that observation to be absurd but there is evidence in at least some communities that traffic citations are a primary source of municipal income. 

A recent survey by the National Motorist Association found that Louisiana ranked 10th on the list of states most likely to issue a motorist a citation. Florida lead the way in that category. It would make sense because they have a ton of tourist traffic and that would mean that a fight in court would be highly unlikely. That's just speculation on my part.

Other states ahead of Louisiana on the list were Georgia, Nevada, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, the District of Columbia, and New Jersey.

Just to be clear this list was generated from data that is really difficult to refine. So, in essence, this is a rough guess. But I can't say I am surprised by the loosely put together findings.

By the way, the state that you're least likely to get a ticket? That would be Montana. I guess with all the room they have up there the ability to enforce the roadways is a bit more challenging and idiots have more room to keep their stupidity to themselves.


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