Okay Louisiana hunters, you know the drill. It's almost time to clean out your freezer as you prepare for the upcoming hunting season, and donate whatever is left over from last year to help feed the hungry through Hunters For The Hungry!

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When you consider the actual mantra of the Hunters For the Hungry organization, "Sportsmen Who Care, Share", you really only have to look back to last year's donations to see just how many truly care.

In 2022 alone, through "Hunters For The Hungry" Louisiana hunters donated over 16,000 pounds of protein throughout the state.

What Is Hunters For The Hungry?

This organization initially planted roots in Louisiana in 1994 with a mission to encourage hunters and fishermen to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors by sharing their bounty of wild game and fish in order to combat hunger.

Still shot from YouTube video by Hunters For the Hungry Louisiana
Still shot from YouTube video by Hunters For the Hungry Louisiana

That wild game and fish includes donations of deer, ducks, fish and now wild hogs.  Local processors process the game and then send it off to various food banks throughout the state.  Here in the Shreveport/Bossier area, donations go the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana.

It All Begins With Clean Out Your Freezer Days

Clean Out Your Freezer Day” which will be officially observed on August 27, 2023,  gives sportsmen an excellent opportunity to put their leftover fish and game to good use when preparing for the upcoming hunting season. Of course, Hunters for the Hungry wants everyone to know that this year’s food drive isn’t just for anglers and hunters. All are welcome to join the cause by donating any frozen foods or proteins to benefit those in need.

Hunter's For The Hungry
Hunter's For The Hungry

And this year, just like we did in 2022, here in the Shreveport/Bossier area, we'll actually have several days to help this incredible organization and "Clean Out Your Freezer."

When And Where Will They Accept Donations?

Hunters in the Shreveport area can make their donations anytime between 8:00 am and 3:00 pm Monday, August 21 through Friday, August 25 at the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana.  The Food Bank is making things extremely easy with an actual drive through donation line at their facility at 285 Mt. Zion Road in Shreveport.

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