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Cannabis use and procrastination have been found to go hand in hand on many occasions throughout the course of history. Now, we're not implying that members of the Louisiana House of Representatives are using cannabis, but the vote on the subject has been delayed yet again. Actually, the delay is more of a parliamentary procedure than it is an episode of procrastination.

Those close to the legislation say the measure, which would legalize recreational marijuana use and possession of marijuana for those purposes, is very close to having enough support for passage. However, it's that very slim margin for error that is apparently the reason the bill has been pulled from a vote two previous times.

The bill, if passed, would legalize possession of cannabis by those over the age of 21. The measure also contains a companion bill that would set licensing fees for personal and commercial growth of the plant. Those fees would be set at $100 and $2,500 respectivley.

As you might imagine legalizing cannabis is a very polarizing topic. Although recent surveys have shown there is a broad range of support among Louisiana residents. But, lawmakers might be a little gun shy about supporting any cannabis legislation that doesn't have the votes to pass. Much of the opposition to legalized cannabis is coming from law enforcement groups.

As of now, the bill authored by Mandeville Republican Richard Nelson is set to be heard on Wednesday. As of right now, there does appear to be enough support in the House for the measure to pass but only by the slimmest of margins.

So, while we wait to see what the Legislature has cooking, we can cook up some copycat recipes to pass the time. I bet one of your favorites is included.

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