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Is it the heat that's literally causing Louisiana residents to just completely lose their minds? And how does a man go from the elation of marrying the woman of his dreams, to just minutes later, shooting his friend because he thinks the friend is having an affair with his new bride?

That's exactly what happened this past Saturday on I-10 on the Bonnet Carre Spillway in New Orleans.

According to KALB,

Devin Jose Jones, 30, of Alexandria, had just left his own wedding in Kenner and was headed back home. He was in a car with his new bride and a male friend. The trio became stuck in traffic on I-10 due to a car crash.

Notice how odd this story has already gotten?  Who leaves their wedding with another male friend? I mean, this is a time dedicated solely to you and this woman who you plan to spend "til death do us part" with.

Nonetheless, that's how it went down.  The three were traveling on I-10 when they got stuck in traffic due to a car crash.  It was at this point, I'm assuming, the summer heat infected their car and brought on the pandemonium.

It's reported that the brand new groom began to accuse his friend of having an affair with his new bride. (I'm assuming this was prior to the wedding and not in the few minutes since she said I do)

The exchange turned violent when Jones, still wearing his tuxedo, pulled a gun on the friend, who jumped out of the vehicle and began to run away, amidst all the other vehicles also stuck in traffic

Jones struck his friend in the leg and then, firing another shot, hit another person in the hand.

While this commotion was still unfolding, Jones' new bride ran to the emergency personnel on the scene trying to treat victims of the crash telling them her husband was trying to kill her and then barricaded herself in the ambulance.

As Jones came after her, he was immediately taken into custody by police and arrested for attempted murder and second-degree battery.

The two people who were shot, were taken to the hospital and treated for non life threatening injuries.

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