Some people like to push the envelope.  I'm not judging - be you.  If being you breaks the law or ruins my family's time at the farmers market - that's another deal altogether.  Basically, if you start taking care of private business in public and get caught - there are bound to be consequences.

Case in point: The Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 20 year old Miguel Glorioso and 19 year old Jamie Lee Coutee last week for their amorous escapades in an otherwise unoccupied stairwell at Rapides Parish Courthouse.  An employee of the courthouse was investigating the noise when the couple was caught in the act.  The duo fled, but not before the worker was able to identify Glorioso as a trustee assigned to clean the courthouse (not get it dirty).

According to the NY DAILY NEWS, Miguel's trustee status was revoked because of the incident - he is reportedly serving time on drug charges.  Coutee was located in Alexandria a short time later and arrested on obscenity charges.  She will also face a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in August

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