More good news for the restaurant business in Louisiana. One famous catfish restaurant in the state is the winner of the Food Network's culinary competition "Family Restaurant Rival".

Barrow’s Catfish restaurant on Earhart Boulevard in New Orleans, won the event and takes home $10,000 cash for the victory.

3rd generation restaurant owner Deirdre Barrow Johnson, hubby Kenneth Johnson Jr. and daughter Destyn Johnson beat the other competitors by re-inventing their signature fried catfish by putting it in taco form. That wasn't the only reason for the win. They also had to create a three-course dinner based on vanilla ice cream. What did they concoct? Crab cakes with ice cream sauce, ice cream-flavored creole chicken breast and asparagus, and a rum milk shake with almonds and bananas.

Deirdre says “Now everybody’s calling, because they want a milk shake.”

The recipe for catfish at Barrow's goes back many years and to their previous restaurant, Barrow's Shady Inn which was open before Katrina. It was a Hollygrove landmark since 1943.

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