According to local news source, Laquita Goudy was arrested last Wednesday for theft at a Merrero Animal Shelter.

From what I can understand she was taking  money from costumers who were adopting animals and also getting vaccinations.

Learning to give, a website dedicated to explaining charities, explains that the reason it is so important for animal shelters to take donations and have money flow through the shelter has the resources to keep the animals healthy and fed.

 There are between three and five thousand animal shelters in the United States, with an annual intake of five to seven million animals.  Of those intakes, two to three million are adopted, three- to four-hundred thousand are returned to their owners and three to four million are euthanized

-Miriam Ramos, Learn To Give Writer

A co-worker notified authorities back in October of 2016.

Currently Goudy is out on bond for $20,000.


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