You may see some familiar faces if you watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade!

While we might miss out on seeing some of the balloons during the parade due to high winds, you could catch a glance of some students from Benton High School.

The Benton High School Tiger Girl's dance line and cheerleaders were picked to perform during the iconic parade. KTBS reports that the young ladies have been in New York City all week and have not only been practicing, but they've also been able to squeeze in some sightseeing as well. KTBS says they've visited both the Statue of Liberty and the 911 Memorial and have taken in a Broadway show and have seen the Radio City Rockettes so far.

I personally love it when locals make it onto the national stage for good things! Way to go! We know you'll make us proud! KTBS caught up with one of their coaches and you'll be able to see them near the end of the parade with Santa. The parade starts at 8 am local time and can be seen on KTAL NBC 6.


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