Bryan Ropollo and several other local members of Operation BBQ Relief are on the road again.  This time, they are headed to South Texas to aid those in the Houston area who have been forced out of their homes by the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.

Every time Mother Nature reeks havoc on an area, these men and women are on site feeding those displaced by these disasters.

The guys were loaded up with enough to feed 100,000 meals as they left the Shreveport area about 9:00 am today, joining a team from Tennessee, but felt they would need to feed many more than the first allocation, so we visited with Bryan about how we could help.


According to Bryan, they've worked some incredible deals with food providers and they can actually feed an entire meal for $1.  But because they are donation based only, the amount of meals they can feed depends entirely on those donations and he says it really easy to help out.  Just text OBR to 41444.  Or you can make donations at their website  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.

Listen as Bryan explains the effort:

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