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If you've been blessed with a beautiful smile and access to dental care your entire life, count yourself as fortunate. Your smile is everything. Not only does it have the ability to brighten someone's day, but it's also important to your overall health.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to get cleanings and checkups every six months. Your smile may not be all it can be because of a lack of insurance or funds, an accident, neglect, even fear. I've (thankfully) never had to deal with embarrassment because of my smile. Heck, I think it's bad when I have a little staining, but imagine not having a smile that you're proud to show the world. It would literally affect every single area of your life from relationships to your career and whether or not you even want to take a picture with your family. That's just sad. And that's where Dr. Ryan Haygood and Crown and Denture Solutions come in.

I can't imagine opening a new business during a pandemic, but Crown and Denture Solutions proudly opened their doors last fall on Airline Drive in Bossier City. Since then, they've been able to gift ten new smiles through their 'Grace Project,' with the goal of transforming lives. The project is named for Haygood's daughter, whom he says is the best gift he's ever received. It's in her honor that their team donates their time and talent to help restore the smiles of those who would otherwise go without. If you or someone you know could benefit from the Grace Project, they want to know your story. Just email While they can't help everyone, they'll do the best they can.

So how did the Grace Project get started? Dr. Haygood explains that it came about after a conversation with a friend. He says, 'I was talking to a buddy one night and one of his workers came up during our conversation. The guy’s teeth were all black and broken off at the gum line. You could just tell he lived a hard life. I immediately thought to myself that I could change that guy’s entire life in one day. With that change would come a whole new opportunity for jobs and growth. People would view him differently.' Dr. Haygood says, 'God has blessed my business beyond measure and I want to share that blessing with others. #TheGraceProject is about helping people that truly deserve and need it.'

And that's something to smile about!

Photo courtesy of Dr. Ryan Haygood and Crown and Denture Solutions
Photo courtesy of Dr. Ryan Haygood and Crown and Denture Solutions

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