Hey it's Gary McCoy and to this day, I don't remember my wife any more passionate about anything like she was during the Casey Anthony trial.  And Saturday night when Lifetime released their Rob Lowe movie "Prosecuting Casey Anthony", it's like all those wounds were re-opened.  I just couldn't help but re-post her Facebook comments shortly after the movie.

Watching the recorded Casey Anthony case & I'm enraged. I don't understand in any form, how the jury 10 to 2 in a hour and half find her NOT GUILTY!!! Are you kidding me!!! This is when you are ashamed of our legal system. There was FOR SURE injustice done. Maybe not death penalty but surely NOT witness protection! UGH!!!

And reading some of the comments after her post made me realize that she certainly isn't alone.

  •  I agree! I was obsessed with the trial, knowing she would be found guilty...since SHE IS!!!  So crazy and sad that she is free
  • Going home to watch it myself and I sooooo agree with you!!
  • Remember that was Florida people on the jury!
  •  I thought at the time that the prosecution had a slam dunk case. I never in a million years thought a jury could find her innocent. I was worried that Scott Peterson was going to get off but didn't think that would happen to Casey. Good for her she didn't have Haughton parents on the jury!

Lifetime did a great job with the movie, but I think the American Justice system has proven once again its major flaws.  Between this one and OJ Simpson, one wonders how often justice really does prevail.

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