Six days a week, Gary and Bristol get up before the sun shines to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning!

You’ll have to excuse me, my entertainment report may be a little political today… what do you expect after what happened yesterday?

It’s been five years since Casey Anthony was acquitted of her daugher’s murder and she says, ‘she’s bored.’ According to a source, she can’t make friends and rarely dates. I can‘t imagine why…

This just might be the very definition of irony. Matt Damon says he supports sweeping, strict Australian-style gun control… but isn’t he in a lot of shot ‘em up movies?

Nashville just got a lot cooler. Word is they’re getting a Madame Tussauds wax museum next yearDarius Rucker just got fitted for his own wax statue so you never know, he may get to stay in Nashville.

It seems like artists are getting increasingly frustrated over concert goers on their cell phones at shows. Kip Moore recently took a phone from a texting fan, called the person whom she was texting and told them that their discussion, which just happened to be about what to wear, was B.S. and that it could wait… Not for nothing, I have to wonder if she paid to be at the show… then humiliated.

Celebrity Birthdays July 6:
Kevin Hart 37
Sylvester Stallone 70
George W. Bush 70

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