Six days a week, Gary and Bristol get up before the sun shines to bring you the latest from Nashville, New York City and Hollywood with Entertainment this Morning!

The new Matt Damon Jason Bourne movie is out this weekend and it’ll be fighting for box office dominance against the new Mila Kunis comedy Bad Moms and Emma Roberts in her new thriller Nerve.

Change is inevitable but seriously? Ice Cube has a revamp of Hollywood Squares in the works and it’ll be called Hip-Hop Squares.

This should be interesting! Guess who’s joining team Blake as a mentor on the next season of The Voice? Bette Midler!

Jake Owen’s new album American Love is out today and he says he’s especially proud of his song Everybody Dies Young.

Celebrity Birthdays July 29:
Martina McBride 50
Tim Gunn 63

Celebrity Birthdays July 30:
Arnold Schwarzenegger 69
Lisa Kudrow 53

Celebrity Birthdays July 31:
JK Rowling 51
Mark Cuban 58
Zac Brown 38

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