Before Go-Fund-Me, kids had to get creative in their quest to come up with cash.  If you wanted to buy some candy, go to the movies, or had your eye on a big ticket item (like a bike) you had to mow lawns or pick up aluminum cans to earn the money to do so.  One of the all time best business ventures for kids (especially during the hot summer months) is a lemonade stand.  Unfortunately, this time-honored tradition has come under fire across this nation, as some of these operations have been shut down due to lack of permits.  The Lone Star State has had enough of this nonsense.

Lawmakers from both the House of Representatives and the Senate in Texas have agreed that young citizens of the state should be able to legally run their own lemonade stands without government interference.  The Fort Worth Telegram is reporting that a measure exempting the fledgling entrepreneurs from being shut down on the basis of permitting has passed the first two of three hurdles on its way to becoming a law, on Sunday - it is now awaiting Governor Abbot's signature.

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