You have probably heard over and over again about population dropping in Shreveport and Louisiana. The numbers show this is true.  Census numbers show Louisiana has lost more than 30,000 people over the past year.

How Has the Louisiana Population Changed?

July 2021 4,624,047

April 2020 4,657,757

Louisiana Population by Age

Under age 5: 6.2%

Under age 18: 23.4%

65 and over: 16.5%

Females make up 51% of Louisiana's population.

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What Is the Average Income in Louisiana?

The median income in Louisiana is $50,800 and 17.8% of all residents in the state live in poverty. The median income in Shreveport is $40,809 and 24.9% of Shreveport residents live in poverty. The median income in Bossier City is $48,385 with 20.1% of the population living in poverty.

How do cities in Louisiana shape up on the population front? We know the top 3 cities. That has not changed in decades. But you might be surprised by some of the other numbers. A northwest Louisiana city is now #7 on the list of the biggest cities in the state. And another city in our region is also on the grow. We do see Shreveport has lost about 3,000 residents from 2020 to 2021.

What Are the Largest Cities in Louisiana?

The latest census numbers show some population changes. You might be surprised by where some area cities check in on this list.

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