Lady Antebellum dove into the second leg of their Own the Night Tour last night (Jan. 27) in Tulsa, Okla., but before they hit the stage, they took almost 30 minutes to hit the web for a Q&A session with fans. According to Country Weekly, one tidbit gleaned from the chat pertains to the color of Hillary Scott’s coiffure. And, no, in case you were wondering, the brunette says you won’t see her sporting her former blond locks again.

“I’m naturally brunette and it really damaged my hair,” she answered. “I’ll stay brunette.” Other nuggets of wisdom came out during the live chat as fans shot questions to the trio as quickly as they could think them up. Did you know, for example, which team Lady A will be pulling for in this season’s Super Bowl? The answer is the New York Giants, though the band says it may have something to do with the fact that they’ve spent time with QB Eli Manning.

Or have you ever wondered about the band’s favorite food? Dave Haywood picks shepherd’s pie while Scott favors her grandmother’s red velvet cake. Ever consider what pop artist they would choose to do ‘CMT Crossroads’ with? Scott says Justin Timberlake while the guys go for Adele. If you want to know how often the band members fight, it’s rarely. They cop to only “a few spats here and there,” according to Charles Kelly. “They’re never too bad.”

Now you know.

The second leg of Lady A’s Own the Night World Tour will conclude June 30 in Milwaukee, Wis. The band is hitting the road with supporting acts Darius Rucker and Thompson Square.

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