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Think back to when you were 20 years old. Was there much more on your mind than hanging with your friends and happy hour? If you were at all like me, that would be a resounding NO. It was all about me. My wants, needs, dreams and "discovering myself." But that's certainly not the case of Kyle Smith, this week's recipient of the Kiss Country Caught in the Act Award. Only 20 years old and he's already figured out the secret to life. It's NEVER about "me" unless the statement is "Tell me how I can serve you."

Kyle's own Mom, Tonya, beaming with pride, is the person who took the time to tell us about the pride she and Kyle's Dad have for their son. Obviously, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, but it does take a little time to fill out a nomination and taking the initiative to get it done is somewhat of a thankless job. But, she did it. And thank God she did, or we would have never known about this incredible, young man.

Kyle Smith is a 20 year old college student at NSU. On December 24th, 2019, he found out that a family with 4 children were in need of Christmas gifts. Kyle fought the last minute shoppers at Wal-Mart in search of these children Christmas gifts, had Christmas with his family that evening then rushed home to wrap the gifts and get them delivered to the family. This is the same person that would give his clothes to fellow students in need while he was in high school or buy meals for others when they did not have enough money. Like I mentioned earlier, he is a full time college student that only works during the summer mowing yards and is always willing to help someone in need whether he knows them or not even if it means him spending his last dime on others! I am proud to call this young man my son and he makes his dad and I very proud!

Kyle Smith, thank you for being one of the "good guys" and being a big reason why this is the greatest place in America to live!

And because you've been 'Caught in the Act' the gang at Silver Star Smokehouse have a $100 Gift Certificate for you and the family to come have dinner!

Take a listen to the phone call we made to Kyle to let him know that he was this week's Caught In The Act Award recipient.

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