Wrestlemania season is one of the most exciting times of the year for pro wrestling fans. Even fans who don't follow WWE on a weekly basis usually find themselves checking in during Wrestlemania.

This history of the event is so rich that it can make or break legacies. One of the legacies that has been elevated by his Wrestlemania work is Kurt Angle. He's a WWE Hall of Fame member, and an Olympic Gold Medalist...and has some of the best Wrestlemania matches in history.

Through Angle's career, he worked as a dominant champion, and as a comedic wrestler. Which is pretty impressive for a guy with a legitimate Olympic Gold Medal on his resume. Some of his Wrestlemania matches are straightforward technical masterpieces, while some of the are pure "sports entertainment". Honestly, the best of his matches are usually somewhere in between. On this list of the best, you will see that.

From Shawn Michaels to Eddie Guerrero, Angle worked with some of the greatest of all time at Wrestlemania. Which helped make some of these matches the incredible performances they are.

Check out the rankings here:

Kurt Angle's Best Wrestlemania Matches

WWE Hall of Fame member and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle was a main attraction to pro wrestling's biggest annual event for years.

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