My niece Vivian has been singing as long as I can remember. She has always found a way to get all of our family in a circle after a fun holiday dinner. Well, mainly it's us yelling at her after one too many gin and tonics that we want her to run upstairs and get her guitar so we can hear "Girl Crush". My niece Vivian took a huge leap and auditioned for American Idol. Every time she pops up during an American Idol promo I get a bunch of screenshots of her and I can't help but be excited for her. Truly, Vivian is one of the kindest souls and she's always spreading her joy and positivity. She's a proud graduate of UT Austin (Hook Em') and in my book that kind of makes her a genius! Vivian auditioned for American Idol and got a Golden Ticket! Unfortunately, her audition didn't air, but I do know what song she auditioned with. Check out her Elle King cover below.

In case you can't tell I am such a proud aunt, and can't believe I am lucky enough to be related to such a talented young lady!  I am so excited to see her journey on American Idol. GO VIVIAN GO!

Vivian Villapudua