The way we buy everything has changed, is changing, and will continue to change - there's no changing that.  The downside is - we lose iconic places like Toys R Us.  The upside is - buying pretty much anything now takes so much less time.  Kroger stores are now testing technology that will make it even easier.

The race for your grocery dollars is intense.  With online powerhouse Amazon getting into the game with their purchase of Whole Foods, the latest battle has been centered on convenience.  I personally enjoy Wal-Mart's online grocery pickup service, but Kroger is planning on having a robot bring groceries to my house - and that sounds pretty awesome.  Yesterday, the grocery giant announced their partnership with self-driving car-maker Nuro.  The plan is to have an autonomous (robot), specifically designed cars to take your purchase directly to you.

While the technology needed to make this a reality is expensive, the move is not  expected to increase grocery prices.  According to WBTV, Kroger will roll out the new program this fall is select stores.

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