Got some space in your wallet to put some extra money? Think you can outsmart the average person and figure out exactly what that "Secret Sound" is? This could be the absolute best way to prove your brain power and get paid for doing it! Kiss Country and Sun Tan City will give away thousands with the Secret Sound Contest beginning Monday, May 1, 2017!

And not only is this one fun to listen to, it's actually pretty simple to play.  We'll play a short sound on Kiss Country and then we'll ask for the 9th caller to 318-320-5477.  If you're that person and you correctly identify that sound, you win CASH!  The first sound will be worth $700!  And the money gets BIGGER with each sound afterwards. Obviously these sounds will get progressively tougher and you'll have to identify the sound exactly and specifically.

We'll play every weekday in the 6:00 am hour, again in the 8:00 am hour, the 10:00 am hour, 12:00 pm hour, 2:00 pm hour and the final time in the 4:00 pm hour on Kiss Country 93 Seven.

If we get to a point where our prize judges think you need a little help figuring out a specific sound, we will give you a new clue each day until we get our winner.  Those clues will be available on air on Kiss Country 93.7 and here on the website, but you must be a Kiss Club VIP to see them, so if you haven't joined yet, you need to do that now.

So, let the winning begin with Kiss Country's SECRET SOUND CONTEST from Sun Tan City!

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