As a member of Kiss Club VIP, you enjoy some pretty cool benefits.  Lots of cool prizes, advance notice of concert tickets, and now, the EXACT times when you'll want to be listening to WIN CASH from Sun Tan City each weekday in May!!!  


Just be listening to Kiss Country 93 Seven for the Official Cue To Call at each of these times and then be the 25th nationwide caller at 877-854-9467 to win $1,000 Cash!

Monday May 11, 2015Q111:06 AM
Monday May 11, 2015Q25:36 PM
Tuesday May 12, 2015Q111:06 AM
Tuesday May 12, 2015Q25:36 PM
Wednesday May 13, 2015Q18:06 AM
Wednesday May 13, 2015Q22:36 PM
Thursday May 14, 2015Q19:06 AM
Thursday May 14, 2015Q21:36 PM
Friday May 15, 2015Q112:06 PM
Friday May 15, 2015Q23:36 PM
Monday May 18, 2015Q110:06 AM
Monday May 18, 2015Q21:36 PM
Tuesday May 19, 2015Q17:06 AM
Tuesday May 19, 2015Q212:36 PM
Wednesday May 20, 2015Q19:06 AM
Wednesday May 20, 2015Q24:36 PM
Thursday May 21, 2015Q111:06 AM
Thursday May 21, 2015Q23:36 PM
Friday May 22, 2015Q18:06 AM
Friday May 22, 2015Q21:36 PM
Monday May 25, 2015Q1HOLIDAY
Monday May 25, 2015Q2HOLIDAY
Tuesday May 26, 2015Q19:06 AM
Tuesday May 26, 2015Q22:36 PM
Wednesday May 27, 2015Q112:06 PM
Wednesday May 27, 2015Q23:36 PM
Thursday May 28, 2015Q111:06 AM
Thursday May 28, 2015Q24:36 PM
Friday May 29, 2015Q110:06 AM
Friday May 29, 2015Q23:36 PM

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