Kip Moore has had his share of questioning the direction of his life, making a decision to take an extended break to travel and experience stress-free happiness prior to the release of his third album, Slowheart. In his latest video, “Last Shot,” he takes this concept of living life to the fullest in a similar—but even more moving—direction.

Directed by Moore’s longtime friend and collaborator PJ Brown, the video’s storyline details a quartet of life-long friends, one of whom is facing her final days with a terminal illness. Her friends grant her a last wish: A magical (make-believe, but moving) trip to Paris in order to experience the joy of living right up to the very end.

"When we first talked about the video for this song, I felt like I wanted to tap into the deeper meaning behind it," Moore said in a release. "How that feeling of desperation and realization that every second matters, can sometimes be the motivation you need to really take action. I've always been a big believer of living in the moment and I hope people are inspired in some way by this video to do the same."

"Last Shot" is the second single from Slowheart.

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