If you take a look at the FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) page on the Madisonville North Hopkins High School website, you'll read the following:

Do you have something that FCA can be praying for you about? If so, we would love to have you drop the request in the FCA Prayer Locker located in first hall, right next to Mr.Campbells room, and we will have our prayer team lift you up.

I learned of this incredible idea from the Facebook page of a Christian radio station, KJIL.

If you take a look at the post above, you'll see loads of comments from both proponents and opponents of this incredible concept, that obviously meets all criteria of what the Federal government has provided our students in the way of ministry.

I'm impressed that they've found a way to pray for those who are hurting, bullied, or just completely confused during their teen years.  However, opponents are up in arms declaring this to be another way that "Christianity is being shoved down students' throats" or that this is a violation of church and state.

How can people be this wrong?  This is one of the most difficult times in a young person's life.  What harm could come from other students' prayers? Impressionable kids are at a cross roads.  There are many ways their young lives can go...lawlessness, suicide, drug or alcohol abuse.  Or they could humble themselves (even if in total secret) and ask for a prayer.

If your child's school offered this "prayer locker" would you have issue?


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