Kenny Chesney fans still have a few more days to wait for his new album ‘Welcome to the Fishbowl’ to hit stores, but thanks to an exclusive video release from MSN Music, you can get a first listen of one of the tracks.

The song, called ‘Sing ‘Em Good My Friend,’ recounts a tale of an old musician whose wife is dying. The man gives his guitar to a younger guitarist, and tells him, “I left some songs in this guitar / Sing ‘em good, my friend.” The song implies that the man is selling his guitar to help pay for his wife’s medical treatment.

The song is emotional enough, considering an old musician is giving up his axe, but the tune becomes even more of a tear-jerker when Chesney starts singing about the man’s wife. “The world sees her as just desperate, gray and old,” he sings. “All I see is my true love, my heart, my life, my soul / At least for one more night I got a beautiful wrinkled hand to hold.”

“I knew when I recorded ‘Sing ‘Em Good My Friend,’ that it was one of the most unique melodies I’ve heard in a while,” Chesney said in a video interview. “And I also knew that it was a record that I would have to treat with very delicate hands. Because the story was so good, and the story was about just true love.”

Talk about a heartbreaker! ‘Sing ‘Em Good My Friend’ is at least one reason why Chesney said ‘Welcome to the Fishbowl’ will be his most emotional album release to date. You can buy the 11-track disc starting Tuesday June 19.

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