Kane Brown Celebrates 'Heaven' No. 1

Nashville got a little sugar with its Kane on Wednesday (June 13).

Kane Brown — who is celebrating his second platinum single, "Heaven" — did the honors and cut the cake at his No. 1 party that included the songwriters Matt McGinn, Lindsay Rimes, Blake Anthony "Shy" Carter, as well as producer Dann Huff and many more on the business side who had to do with the song's success.

The single follows "What Ifs," Brown's triple-platinum duet with Lauren Alaina, gold singles "Found You" and "There Goes My Everything," as well as his platinum eponymous album, released in 2016.

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A man of few words, Brown swiftly thanked Sony, Universal, his management, his band, the songwriters and "everybody else that's worked with me in Nashville, that's just really helped me out." After talking for no more than a minute, he handed the mic over and producer Dann Huff joked about Brown's short speech.

"I love how few words you use to describe anything," Huff said to Brown, turning back to the audience. "Usually when I work with Kane ±  I have to share this — I get involved in a lot of details and I obviously want Kane to like where I'm heading and usually all i get is, 'Sick.' (Laughs) Which at first, I didn't know was good. I have to be honest with you. I asked my kids; they said, no he digs it."

Once a rising star, Brown has become a country music powerhouse. As if his gold and platinum accolades aren't enough, did we mention he recently cracked one billion on-demand audio/video streams? Brown better get used to handing out sweets because his celebratory cake cutting days are far from over.

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