Justin Moore is busy promoting his new single, "The Ones Who Didn't Make It Back Home," which marks the first track from his fifth studio album, due in early 2019. While his career ties up quite a bit of his time, the singer makes sure that he pays plenty of attention to his family life, as well.

In particular, Moore has a strong marriage, having celebrated his 11th anniversary with wife Kate last month. A decade-plus union is a pretty rare thing for those in show business, but Moore has a simple secret for how to keep the foundation strong. As he told ET in a recent interview, it all comes down to one thing.

"The secret to me, is saying 'yes, ma'am,' and 'I'm sorry,'" he jokes. "No, in all sincerity, past love, I think trust is the biggest thing in a marriage. You have to trust and you have to be trusted. My wife and I tell each other everything. We don't always like it, but we're completely honest with each other."

The Moores are parents to three daughters and one son. Moore is equally dedicated to giving his kids plenty of his time, as well. He told Taste of Country Nights recently that being involved in children's lives is the most important thing a father can do. "Let them know you love them and care about them," he stresses.

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