As most everyone in the Facebook world knows by now, the whole "Don't accept a friend request from Jayden K. Smith", was a hoax.

But just who is Jayden K. Smith and why would he be the subject of this hoax?

I did a little research and found that he may or may not be the guy responsible for several of life's most perplexing questions.

  • Maybe he was the marketing genius who convinced us that it was a good thing for a laxative to "work while you sleep"?
  • Will Jayden Smith be the one with the last laugh when he finally releases mouse flavored cat food?
  • Do we hold Jayden responsible for the creation of the Puppy-Monkey-Baby?
  • Was he the guy who laughingly named all the people who invest your money, brokers?
  • Was it Mr. Smith who convinced Rose (Kate Winslet) that only one person could fit on that door?
  • Maybe it was him who accidentally got his chocolate on my peanut butter?
  • Was it Jayden who first put the cat in the bag?
  • Was Jayden K. Smith the first one to forget the Alamo?
  • Is he the rocket scientist responsible for making sure that Noah also had two mosquitoes on the ark?

Got any other ideas about his identity?  Feel free to comment.  And be sure to explain why we should never accept his friend request.

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