The city of DeQuincy seems to be a popular target of pranksters. These n'er-do-wells seem to thrive on the city's rural setting in the Deep South as the perfect place to perpetuate stereotypes and outright lies about the community in Calcasieu Parish.

The most recent unjust and irresponsible allegations concern the city's mayor and the alleged dismissal of a firefighter for the act of praying.

I did not fire the fire chief, and as a matter of fact if my fire chief wants to pray before, during, or after a fire, I’ll be right there praying alongside him.

The words of DeQuincy Mayor Lawrence Henagan as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

As you can imagine a story like this would send social media into a frenzy. It's all a lie.

These people can print this malarkey and this junk, and somehow they through the system make money at it. I’ve been told there’s not a whole lot you can do about it as long as they’re using fictitious names and things like that.

It's a shame the good reputation of a great community can be exploited by some second rate hack writer who obviously feels that the only way he or she can make money is to create fictitious and malicious lies.That is my opinion. I guess since I didn't name any names the same protection afforded the jackwagon  perpetrator of these lies would apply to me as well.

Unfortunately for DeQuincy the town has been the subject of hoaxes ranging from twerking bans to the dispensation of guns to children.

I laughed about it until people called with threatening phone calls and pretty nasty emails and this sort of stuff, and then I quit laughing about it.

Mayor Henagan suggests that you always check your sources when it seems a story is just too strange to be true.


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