Jon Pardi can make you want to get up and dance. Even if you're the person who hates dancing in a crowd. The tall smooth talking Californian took the stage and didn’t have much to say. Pardi knows how to make all the Pardi Animals lose their cool. He clearly has an Elvis Presley influence, you’ll have to see him live to understand. Jon Pardi dances with his guitar. No lie, he slides around on stage. I had to keep checking to make sure he had boots on and not some Michael Jackson type shoes.

Jo Claire Robertson

Jon Pardi dances around the stage like if the guitar bought him drinks. I have never ever wanted to be a guitar, up until I saw Jon Pardi dance with his guitar. Jon Pardi is on a mission. He will get as much music into a 2 hour set as possible. Little talking, a whole lot of covers, and dancing. It’s a refreshing thing, more music crammed into a couple of hours especially on a weeknight. I’d see Jon Pardi in concert again and again. Have you ever seen Jon Pardi in concert? Were you impressed? Would you pay to see him in concert again?