April 4 marks the one-month anniversary of Joey Feek's death after a months-long battle with cancer. In a new blog post, her husband, Rory Feek, reflects on the days he and daughter Indiana have lived so far without her.

"It’s hard to believe that it’s been a month already since Joey left this world and made her journey to the next. In some ways, it feels like only yesterday, and in others … it feels like forever," Feek writes. "A lot of people ask me how I’m doing. I usually try to smile and say, 'I’m doing okay.' And I am … okay."

Feek explains that he's been feeling "so many emotions all at the same time. Blessed. Lost. Proud. Scared. Encouraged. Tired. Thankful." but he's been supported by "a lot of good people around me." Still, adjusting to life without his wife has been tough -- of course.

"It’s hard to be in this old house without Joey, but I know she wants us here. And I know it’s where we need to be," Feek notes. "I moved our bed to a different part of the room, against a different wall … because I needed it to be different. I sleep on her side of the bed now. I can’t sleep on mine. And when people come to dinner and they sit in Joey’s chair, I want to tell them not to sit there, but I don’t. But I want to.

"I miss my wife … I miss my best friend. I miss her voice and her laugh and her eyes and her smile. It’s still hard for me to imagine that she’s not here, and she’s not ever coming back. But I know that time will make it easier. Because that’s what time does. It heals what is broken," he adds. "There will still be scars, but I know there will come a day when I won’t miss her this much, when I won’t wonder where she is … and what she is doing right now in heaven."

Fans know that Joey + Rory got married on June 15, 2002 -- but what they may not know is how the couple tied one Rory Feek's favorite movies into their wedding. The singer explains in his new blog that he is a big fan of the movie Forrest Gump, and so, on their wedding day, the Feeks included a couple of references to the movie in their celebration: They printed "Forrest & Jenny" on the napkins at their reception, and on the back of the car they left in, they tied 15 Dr. Pepper cans to the bumper.

"I don’t know if Joey loved that movie like I did. She never said. But she knew I loved it, and she proudly let me call her ‘my Jenny’ and quote lines from the film to her endlessly over the last 14 years. She thought it was sweet. And it was I guess," Rory Feek reflects. "Though I saw Forrest Gump in a movie theater in Texas eight years before I ever met Joey … I wanted to love someone like that."

Sadly, Forrest Gump's storyline and Joey + Rory's love story have similar endings: Jenny dies from an unspecified illness, leaving behind her love and their son.

"And then the movie ended, so I don’t know what happened after that. But I believe that Forrest was okay," Rory Feek says. "And though his love for Jenny never faded, the pain of losing her lessoned.

"… I miss you Joey," he ends. "You would be so proud of our little Indiana."

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