I remember my first country concert. I was visiting East Texas for the first time and the humidity was killing me. I was not warned about the love for outdoor concerts when the humidity is at 90%. When Joe Nichols hit the stage I forgot about the heat and the sweat trickling down my back. I didn't lose my phone or purse that night but my voice was long gone. I fell in love with country music all over again. I made a point to make it to every Joe Nichols concert that is within a 100 mile radius from me.

There are those songs that your favorite artists cover of your other favorite artists from the same genre. Then you have artists like Kacey Musgraves who covers "Scrubs" by TLC and has the venue in I-literally-can't-even mode, myself included. When I first heard Joe Nichols cover "Baby Got Back" I laughed so hard and remember thinking "why didn't I catch that on video?" Well luckily for us, Joe Nichols made it into a music video with Sir Mix A Lot! If you buy the album Joe Nichols has some help on the "Baby Got Back" track from comedian Darren Knight who was made famous by one of his characters Southern Momma.

Joe Nichols' latest album "Never Gets Old" is without a doubt one of my favorite albums that I have purchased this year. The only way to describe it is traditional. It's traditional in the best of ways. One of my favorites is "Never Gets Old" which is  also the album title.

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