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Jimmy Houston on left pictured with other long time television outdoors host, Bill Dance. Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Professional angler and television host, Jimmy Houston, will be the featured guest speaker at a huge event slated for August 27, 2020 at Rose Park Baptist Church in Shreveport!

Appearing at the event, entitled "America's Favorite Fisherman Talks About Faith and Fishing," Houston is certainly no stranger to the speaking circuit but it's his love for God that has placed him in churches like Rose Park over the last few years. And after spending several different afternoons with him, I can attest to the fact that this could be one of the most entertaining events to hit the area in years.

As host of "Jimmy Houston Outdoors," he's come into our homes with his infectious giggle and some monster bass for over forty years appearing on networks like ESPN, where he had the number one rated outdoors show for twenty one years, the Outdoor Life Network and NBC Sports. But it's his Christian faith and walk with God that he'll want to spotlight at this event, which will assuredly result in standing room only.

Slated to begin at 6:00 pm on August 27 at Rose Park Baptist Church at 5560 Buncombe Road in Shreveport, the event will also feature fried catfish with all the fixings. And concerning Shreveport's newly mandated mask policy, the church will be honoring social distancing and wearing masks as necessary except while eating of course.

And if you're wondering about an admission charge, this one is absolutely FREE.

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