This weekend's Shreveport Mudbugs hockey games are going to have some extra fun attached to them. Because this weekend is Geek'd in America Weekend with the Mudbugs, and Shreveport's comic con, Geek'd Con.

One of the biggest parts of the weekend will be the incredible Captain America influenced jerseys the Mudbugs will be playing in...

Not only will the Bugs be playing in these, the team will be auctioning off the game-worn jerseys after Saturday nights game. Which means you can get your hands on one for yourself. If you don't want to risk winning an auction to score this geeky Mudbugs merch, you can also score something in the Swamp Shack before the game.

That's not all though, you can buy a Geek'd Con specialty hockey jersey in the Swamp Shack too! There will be a grill giveaway, mystery pucks, performances, and ceremonies all weekend.

Geek'd Con/Shreveport Mudbugs
Geek'd Con/Shreveport Mudbugs

Not to mention that cosplay is encouraged! Wear your most intricate cosplay, or an old Halloween costume. Whatever you're comfortable with, bring it out! Get the kids dressed up too.

As far as the hockey goes, the Mudbugs will be hosting the Oklahoma Warriors on Friday and Saturday nights. While the Warriors aren't playing the best hockey this year, the Mudbugs have already clinched a playoff spot. The Bugs will be looking to stay hot as they work towards the playoffs, which means getting a couple of wins this weekend.

Get you tickets, grab your costume, and come enjoy some geeky hockey this weekend in Shreveport!

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